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When will Aramark start selling the ICare Fresh Products at my loved ones prison?

7/1/22***UPDATE on the ICare Fresh Food Program***

We reached out to Secretary Dixon the the new food items for purchase through Aramark and were told that the ICare value added service described below will be phased-in with all institutions going live no later than December 31, 2022.
FDC does not have an opening schedule as of yet, but there is a meeting scheduled Tuesday, July 5, 2022 where the timeline will be discussed.
For anyone who may have missed this in our weekly email, there are several layers of this program. One example is ICare Fresh Friends and Family Program (“Icare Fresh”) The Contractor shall offer its Icare Fresh friends and family program at each Service Location. The Icare Fresh program allows Incarcerated peoples’ friends and family members to purchase restaurant style meals for an Prisoner through the Contractor’s secure website using a credit or debit card. Meals are prepared fresh onsite by I2W students and Contractor staff and are picked up by the Prisoner. Meals include a Thank You Card and self-addressed stamped envelope so Inmates may hand-write a message thanking the meal sender.
Click on this link to see the entire contract which includes all the ICare services coming.