Mandatory Recreation Time

As a way to improve incarcerated people getting outside time, FDC has implemented a mandatory rec schedule for 60-120 minutes per day Monday through Friday.

  • This schedule is tentative depending on security issues and inclement weather.  
  • Individual dorms will close so that the officer in the dorm can take the incarcerated people out. 
  • The schedule will be alternated each month for security reasons and the new schedules will be provided to the population in advance so as not to interfere with the scheduling of video connections.  It is the responsibility of the prisoner to advise the family of the days they are scheduled for recreation.  

There should be a bathroom, covered pavilion and a water cooler outside the same type as what's are the dorms.  If not, please let us know by submitting a prison concern help ticket using the yellow banner on the top of our website as we are tracking this information and will present it to the legislature prior to the start of the next legislative session.