What is the visitation maximum capacity?

Capacity of visitation parks can vary by prison but should be posted. Only the inside should be counted and the outside should be open the same hours as the inside.

Here are the rules that pertain to this matter:

  1. Maximum Capacity - F.A.C. 33-601.713(16) states “Maximum Capacity refers to the capacity of the inside visiting park as determined by the State Fire Marshal.”
  2. Maximum Capacity Remedies - F.A.C. 33-601.721(9) states “When the inside visiting park has reached its maximum capacity, the warden is authorized to utilize the following remedies to alleviate overcrowding: (a) Other temporary visiting areas or structures;” (ie the outside visitation area)
  3. Outside Hours –F.A.C. 33-601.721(10) states “Weather permitting, the outside visiting park shall be available for use by approved visitors at any time during regular visiting hours.”