Tablet Searches

Tablet searches have increased tremendously this week **August 29th - September 2nd, 2022**

Great job to everyone who went to the yellow banner on the top of our website to report this right away as it was helpful in addressing concerns with FDC in Tallahassee. We saw a sharp increase in tablets being taken for searches this week confirming at least 20 institutions had mass tablet searches.

While many people received their tablets back, others did not. Some people received a DR and went to confinement while others received a DR but did not go to confinement. The rule is not clear on how long tablets can be taken for searches so we have asked FDC for 3 things as follows:

1.  That property receipts were given to each person whose tablet is being searched.

2. Tablets will be searched and returned within X (number of) days if not jailbroken

3. Jailbroken tablets will be kept and the person will be notified in writing within X (number of) days

Since there is no time period in the rules, we suggest incarcerated people be sure to use the Inmate Request Form and follow the grievance process. Below you will find the rules that most closely apply.

33-602.900 Kiosks and Tablets (2)(n) All tablets on the property of a Department institution or facility, including all digital content, are subject to authorized searches at any time pursuant to Rule 33-602.203 (Control of Contraband) and Rule 33-602.204, F.A.C. (Searches of Incarcerated people)

33-602.203 Control of Contraband (8)(i) Regardless of whether or not the seized contraband results in a disciplinary report or criminal charges, the prisoner is authorized to appeal the action through the grievance process to have the property returned. If the prisoner chooses to file a grievance, the prisoner must notify the warden of his intent on an “Inmate Request”, Form DC6-236, within 20 days of the seizure of the items. If no notice is received and the prisoner has not been temporarily impeded from sending such notice due to unavoidable circumstances such as court appearances or hospitalization, the warden or assistant warden is authorized to approve disposal of the contraband. Form DC6-236 is incorporated by reference in Rule 33-103.005, F.A.C.

33-602.203 Mass searches (9)(b)2. Copies of Form DC6-220 do not have to be given immediately for property taken during such a mass search. However, the property taken shall be kept and preserved, identified as to the area from which it was taken, and the inmate shall receive a copy of Form DC6-220 as soon as practicable after the emergency has ceased. Property unclaimed after 30 days shall be disposed of as provided in subsection (7).

If after following the Inmate Request and grievance process, the tablet is not returned without reason within 30 days, please submit a prison concern help ticket by going to the yellow banner on the top of our website.