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When a request for protective management is denied

Your loved one must appeal the decision by checking off the appeal box on the denial form and then filing a grievance directly to Tallahassee

According to 33-602.220(3)(c)5
"The SCO shall determine within five working days whether protection is necessary based upon the investigation and any follow-up it deems appropriate. The SCO shall approve or disapprove placement of the inmate in protective management. The SCO’s decision shall be documented in the electronic classification contact log in OBIS. If the SCO determines that a need for protection exists, it shall direct that the inmate be placed in a protective management unit or transferred to another institution or facility to resolve the inmate’s need for protection. If a decision is made to relocate or transfer the inmate to resolve the inmate’s need for protection at the inmate’s current location, the inmate shall be kept in administrative confinement until the relocation or transfer is completed. Transfers for protection needs shall be effected within five working days. SCO members are authorized to approve transfers. If the SCO determines that protective management is not necessary, the inmate may appeal this decision directly to the Office of the Secretary pursuant to Rules 33-103.007 and 33-103.011, F.A.C. The inmate shall be notified of the SCO’s decision by the ICT. At the time of notification, the inmate shall be asked if he or she wants to appeal the decision. The inmate’s acknowledgement of being informed of the SCO denial and the inmate’s decision on whether to appeal shall be documented on an electronically produced Form DC6-137, Notification of Protective Management Disapproval, and the electronic contact log in OBIS. Form DC6-137 is hereby incorporated by reference. A copy is available from the Forms Control Administrator, 501 South Calhoun Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2500, http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-01673. The effective date on the form is 1-19-03. The inmate shall remain in administrative confinement until the appeal process is complete."