How to write an op-eds and who to email

What is an Op-Ed

It’s an opinion piece that appears on a page in the newspaper dedicated solely to them, often written by a subject-matter expert or a person with a unique perspective on an issue.  This is where we as directly impacted and formerly incarcerated individuals can open peoples minds with our facts and stories.

What should I write:

Since an op-ed is an opinion, use your own opinion to sway the readers thinking and beliefs.  Start with a hook, something that will grab the reader’s attention.  Often a sentence or two about our loved ones situation is all that’s needed here.  Know your audience, think about who is reading the paper you are submitting to.  If the paper recently published an article not favorable to reform for example, this is the perfect place to submit your op-ed.  Op-ed’s are meant to give the reader an opinion other than the one they have been reading about so don’t feel like you can’t submit your piece just because the paper recently published an article that was not favorable to reform.  Think of it as our way of fighting back, with words.  Back up the words using at least one fact report with a link so that you are documenting where you found your facts that support your opinion.  Finally, keep your article to about 650-700 words and be sure to end with an action.  What do you want the reader to do when they finish reading your piece. 

Submit Op-Ed articles by e-mail to:

Submit Op-Ed articles through the papers hyperlink at: