How to Request Medical Records

Requests for medical records must be specific, in writing, and accompanied by a properly executed FDC release.  (click here for a printable copy)

Requests should be directed to the administrative assistant in medical records at the institution where your loved one is currently housed.

You can locate the administrative assistant in medical records here.  Next look for the institution in the region and see column E titled “A.A. Meds Recs”.  This is the person you should email your request to.  In your request, be brief, clear and concise in stating what records you are requesting.

See example below:

Email subject:  John Smith #12345 medical records request

Please accept this as my request for copies of John Smith #12345 medical records for (I.e. all of time, last 12 months or regarding his diabetes).  A release signed by Mr. Smith is attached for this purpose or already on file.


Jane Smith


Within a week or so you should receive an email back with an invoice attached to pay for the medical records.  You can pay the fee by following the instructions on the invoice and your records should arrive within a few weeks of the payment being received.


Having a copy of your loved ones medical records is an extremely helpful way to advocate for them should the need arise.  Florida Cares suggests obtaining a copy of your loved ones complete medical records now if you do not have them as well as obtaining updates annually thereafter.  You can do this by using the same form as long as the language "this release shall not expire until the end of my sentence and release from incarceration" is inserted just above the signature paragraph on the front page and is already on the form we have provided above.