How should I dress for visitation?

Below you will find FDC's rule with regard to how to dress for visitation.

33-601.724 Visitor Attire.

(1) Persons desiring to visit shall be fully clothed including shoes. Only religious head coverings are permissible. Visitors shall not be admitted to the visiting area if they are dressed in inappropriate attire. The warden, assistant warden or duty warden shall be the final decision authority and shall assist in resolving inappropriate attire situations. Inappropriate attire includes:

(a) Halter tops or other bra-less attire,

(b) Underwear type tee shirts,

(c) Tank tops,

(d) Fish net shirts,

(e) Skin tight clothing or spandex clothing,

(f) Shoes known as Heelys or any footwear with removable parts,

(g) Clothes made with see-through fabric unless a non-see-through garment is worn underneath,

(h) Dresses, skirts, or Bermuda-length shorts more than three inches above the knee,

(i) Any article of clothing with a picture or language which presents a potential threat to the security or order of the institution, or

(j) Military style camouflage clothing to include jungle (green), urban (grey or black), and desert (tan or brown).

(2) A visitor shall be subject to suspension of visiting privileges and the visit shall be terminated if, after admission to the visiting area, the visitor changes, removes or alters his or her attire so that it is in violation of the provisions of this rule.

Rulemaking Authority 944.09 FS. Law Implemented 944.09, 944.23, 944.8031 FS. History–New 11-18-01, Formerly 33-601.708, Amended 1-28-07, 10-8-07, 7-12-11.


F.A.C. 33-601.724