Prisoner transferred without their property

FDC has 5 working days after an incarcerated person is transferred to send their property to the new institution.  To figure out this date do not count the day of the transfer nor any weekends or holidays. 

Below you will find a copy of F.A.C. 33-602.101(7)(i) which states:
If an incarcerated person is transferred without his or her property, the property will be forwarded to the person by the sending institution within five working days, or as soon thereafter as possible if conditions resulting from an emergency preclude forwarding within five days. The property, along with Form DC6-224, will be placed in a sealed container for transporting. A staff member at the receiving institution will, in the presence of the incarcerated person to whom the property belongs, check the property against the property list to ensure that all property is accounted for. The prisoner must sign Form DC6-227 when the property is given to them. Any discrepancies will be noted on the form. If the incarcerated person refuses to sign Form DC6-227, a notation to that effect will be placed on the form and a second employee will witness and sign the form.