How do I set up a phone account to receive calls?


The only way for friends/family members to receive calls from incarcerated individuals in the Florida Department of Corrections is by setting up an AdvancePay® prepaid calling account with ConnectNetwork. Prepaid calling works by placing money on your phone number so that when your incarcerated loved one calls you, the funds are deducted from the balance on your prepaid account. 

Ways to Create an Account:

For more information on ConnectNetwork’s AdvancePay prepaid phone service, click here.

There are several quick, secure and convenient ways to fund your loved one’s phone account with ConnectNetwork.

Ways to Pay:



Per Minute Telephone Rate for all calls on the North American Dialing Plan (collect, pre-paid, and coin/card operated)


Per Minute Rate for all incoming inmate voicemails from friends and family


International Calls

Shall not exceed the maximum rate allowed by the appropriate regulatory authority at the time the call is placed

Deposit Fee per funding event (for pre-paid calls)


What new features exist for the inmates and their families?

As part of this new contract, an Voicemail System will be enabled, allowing friends and family members to leave incoming voicemail messages for incarcerated people. The voicemail feature is PIN-protected and secure. Friends and family can leave voicemails for their incarcerated loved one at a rate of $0.135 per minute.

Friends and family members also now receive an automated one-minute courtesy call with instructions on how to set up their prepaid AdvancePay phone account

Are there any free communication options?

Yes, GTL offers every incarcerated person 1 free, 5-minute call per week. The free calls are applied to the first calls made on Mondays.

What changes are there to the per minute call rates?

The previous contract had a per-minute rate of $0.04 for local calls (within the same town/city) and $0.14 per minute for all other calls. The new contract has a single rate of $0.135 per minute. Since more inmates are not housed within the same town or city as their loved one, a significant majority of inmate friends and family paid the $0.14 rate. This new rate is slightly lower than the old one and will be a benefit for most inmate family and friends


What changes are there to the call duration

The previous contract had a 15-minute call limit. Now prisoners can make calls up to 30 minutes in length. To promote better access to communication, there is now a 30-minute waiting period between each completed call per prisoner.


What other fees exists for this new contract?

There is a .99 per transaction fee each time you make a deposit.