How do I send a prisoner money in FDC?

Currently JPay is the only vendor in FDC that we can use to send incarcerated people in Florida emails, photos, 30 second video clips, have video visits and send money to our incarcerated loved one all for a fee EXCEPT sending money by money order.


According to FDC’s new rule announcement as of 3/29/22 you must be an “approved visitor” to send an incarcerated person money except newly incarcerated people may receive funds from any one for the first 60 days from the date they enter FDC.

MoneyGram can no longer be used to send money to an incarcerated person.

Sending a money order is still FREE using this link to Jpay's Money Order Form but you now must include a valid copy of your driver’s license, state ID, or Passport or it will be returned to you.

You can also send money by calling (800)574-5729, online at or through the Jpay mobile app.  Keep in mind though that there are "loading fees" for this convenience that makes Jpay a lot of money.  The loading fee charges are: 

$2.95 to send $    2.00-$ 19.00

$4.95 to send $  20.00-$ 29.00

$6.95 to send $  30.00-$ 39.00

$7.95 to send $  40.00-$ 49.00

$8.95 to send $  50.00-$ 74.00

$10.95 to send $  75.00-$ 99.00

$11.95 to send $100.00-$199.00

$12.95 to send $200.00 and up


The convenience fee charged to send your loved one money is how Jpay makes money.  If you want to stop private corporations from profiting off of your loved ones incarceration STOP SENDING MONEY THROUGH THE PHONE, APP OR WEBSITE!!!

Send a money order instead.  It takes a week or so to get there but it’s free and it’s the ONLY way to show Jpay you are not happy with their services!!!!


Jpay Money Order Deposit Form