How can my incarcerated loved one transfer out of state?

The process for transferring out of state is called an interstate compact. Below are a few pieces of information we find good to know.

One misnomer is that the incarcerated person must find another prisoner in the receiving state to swap with.  To clear this up we confirmed with FDC that there is NO swap requirement. 


To be considered for an interstate compact incarcerated people must meet at least the minimum criteria as follows:

  • Incarcerated individuals must be incarcerated for at least 5 years before applying;
  • Must have at least 3 years remaining on their sentence;
  • Must have not received a disciplinary report for more than 1 year before applying;
  • Must remain disciplinary report free after request is made;
  • Must not have any disciplinary reports for assaulting staff;
  • Must not have a history of escape from FDC or any facility including detention center, county jail or other prison;
  • Must have someone from their “immediate family” (parent, grandparent, sibling, adult child, spouse) in the receiving state who will attest that they will visit you in the receiving state; 
  • The Immediate family member must reside in the receiving state for at least 1 year prior to application; and
  • Sign a waiver of extradition.

To be considered for an interstate compact, the process can be initiated at the annual classification review interview or you can email the Florida Department of Corrections Interstate Compact Administrator at