Does everyone have to shave their beards?

There is no exclusion for any faith to the rule on shaving.  

The section of Chapter 33 with this regard is 33-602.101 (4) which states: 

"All prisoners shall elect either to be clean shaven or to grow and maintain a half-inch beard. Such a beard shall include all the hair that grows naturally on the face and front of the neck, excluding eyebrows and eyelashes. Prisoners shall not display any other type, style, or arrangement of hair on the face nor front of the neck. Prisoners shall not sculpt nor edge their beards. No numbers, symbols, letters, nor other designs shall appear in prisoner beards. Those male prisoners who desire to remain clean shaven shall be clipper shaved three times per week, and those prisoners who desire to grow a half-inch beard shall have their beards trimmed three times per week with a clipper fitted with a half-inch guard."