Consequences of Jailbroken Tablets

Jailbreaking your tablet can lead to serious consequences including 60 days confinement, loss of all gain time, loss of canteen, etc.

If your loved one has not received their tablet back or received a DR for their tablet, it is most likely because the tablet was found to be jailbroken. The article below answers questions about jailbroken tablets.


What does jailbreaking mean?

Jailbreaking is not breaking out of jail.  Rather it’s having your electronic device like a cell phone or tablet altered in such a way that the security features that came with it are blocked so that the user can then install other software that the manufacturer does not allow.  


Think about the Iphone. With an Iphone music can be purchased on Itunes and downloaded into the Imusic app for a fee but it is not usable outside of Apple products.  Many people in society jailbreak their Iphones so that they can download music for free.


Similarly, the Jpay tablet is being jailbroken in prison to access the internet and apps like Facebook.  


FDC has taken a strong stance on jailbreaking so we want to make sure that you and your incarcerated loved one are fully aware of the seriousness of jailbreaking a Jpay tablet. 


F.A.C. 33-601.314 governs the rules of prohibited conduct as well as the penalties for these infractions. The most likely DR violation that will be issued in this circumstance is a 3-14 for “Unauthorized possession or use of a cellular telephone or any other type of wireless communication device, or any components or peripherals to such devices, including but not limited to SIM cards, Bluetooth items, batteries, and charging devices; any other technology that is found to be in furtherance of possessing or using a communication device prohibited under Section 944.47(1)(a)6., F.S.”


The consequences for this type of DR can include:

  • 60 days confinement
  • Loss of ALL gain time
  • Permanent loss of kiosk and tablet privileges
  • Loss of canteen
  • 1 year visitation suspension

Why isn’t jailbreaking a tablet considered a “tablet regulation violation"?

The DR infraction 9-42 tablet regulation violation penalties are a maximum of 10 days in disciplinary confinement and loss of 30 days gain time.  A tablet regulation violation might sound like that’s what happened if a tablet was jailbroken but because jailbreaking tablets leads to access to the internet and apps like Facebook.  FDC considers it the same as possessing or using a communication device.