Why are Jpay tablets being taken and updated?

On 9/26/22 FDC published information that tablets were being updated

JPay Undergoing Software Updates

Additionally, we spoke with FDC on this subject and were advised that the tablets are being updated to stop them from being altered.  This is something that FDC requested of Jpay as the tablets are being easily jailbroken.  FDC was not certain if Jpay would return the same exact tablet or replace tablets with a different one.  All content on the tablets will be returned when the tablets are returned.  This update will not add any additional capabilities as that is not what is in the contract.  This update is for security measures only.  Finally, FDC said that once the tablets are picked up at a prison, the incarcerated people will be without tablets for about 3 weeks before they are returned.  Jpay will rotate around institutions over the course of 90 days and have this completed by 12/31/22.